Gift Card Question

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15-04-2007 19:38:30

Just a quick question, if I do a site and complete two different offers with two different visa gift cards would I be put on hold or is that perfectly fine?!?! I ask this because I want to sign up for a offer that cost 1$ and I have $1+ left on the card and the next offer cost more, so I want to use a different card that I have that has more money on it. Is this ok?


15-04-2007 19:48:39

the site does NOT have access to your cc number, so i don't see a reason why it shouldn't be fine....


17-04-2007 23:05:49

Just make sure you aren't doing the same offer twice with different credit cards.


18-04-2007 01:00:34

As long as you don't do an offer twice, there shouldn't be any worry about what card you use ^^