When does my "status" change?

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15-04-2007 09:52:18

Under our names, it has some ipods and says if you're a newbie or something else. I don't know what they all are, but when does mine change? I've seen some people with less TR than me have more colored in ipods and they aren't newbies any more. What is that for?


15-04-2007 09:58:46

When you have more posts.


15-04-2007 13:15:19

first change is at 50 posts. posts in the trading post dosent count.


15-04-2007 14:13:24

Trade Foum posts don't count ... and here is the list of changes (it's been covered quite frequently)

[quote679fcb9e48="moviemadnessman"]After a 10 second search ...

Newbie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 0
User ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 50
Regular ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 100
Freepay Fanboy ~~~~~~~~ 200
Addict ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 500
Super Cheap ~~~~~~~~~ 1000
Wanna-Be Moderator ~~~~ 1500
Has No Friends ~~~~~~~~ 2500[/quote679fcb9e48]


15-04-2007 14:45:14

I was just going to say ask the rabbit. lol


15-04-2007 17:34:20

Thanks guys (and gals)! I guess I should have looked around a bit first... So, trade forum posts don't count... But this one does? OK, I think I've got it... THANKS!!!


17-04-2007 22:03:41

thanks for the info MMM. I was wondering the same question. A little karma for the bunny.....


24-04-2007 18:13:22

Then I better get a move on!!


25-04-2007 06:21:19

Along the same lines - what is the significance of the color changes in our TR numbers?


25-04-2007 10:44:39

So I wonder what's the benefit of change of status & where can you read about it pls.


25-04-2007 11:37:12

[quotec194b2f835="Retiree"]So I wonder what's the benefit of change of status & where can you read about it pls.[/quotec194b2f835]
There is no "benefit." Postcount, titles, and karma points don't get you anything beyond your own self-imposed status. TR is the only number that really gets you anything, and then only when trading.

That said, postcount and karma are good indicators to others of your level of participation and helpfulness in the forums.


25-04-2007 11:52:51

You just reached 5k posts!!! GO DAVID!! WHOOOO HOOOOOO!


25-04-2007 11:56:38

If he gets a gold watch, I'm gonna be real pissed...


25-04-2007 11:57:04

[quote770eb552ef="TryinToGetPaid"]You just reached 5k posts!!! GO DAVID!! WHOOOO HOOOOOO![/quote770eb552ef]
LOL, yeah I guess. The irony is beautiful... ;)


26-04-2007 14:05:46

Thanks for the infor on the status change. Was wondering the same thing myself.