How can I talk to an Admin?

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15-04-2007 00:12:47

Hey I had a question

I did a trade with someone about a month or so ago and They greened first and I payed immediately and all was well, but they never requested TR even though I did.

Any and all messages I send are never responed to and I have given them around a month to request TR before saying anything.

Can an admin force them to request TR or something?

Just wondering casue TR is kind of important.



15-04-2007 08:28:02

Sorry no. You both have to request tr Admin. cant do anything. Thats one of the pitfalls of trading with a newbi, they decide this is not for them and they are gone. At least you got a good green out of it.


15-04-2007 09:18:38

just PM a moderator and ask


15-04-2007 10:20:25

No need to PM a moderator, gator1002 is right. Both sides have to request TR, that's how we know both sides were completed successfully.


17-04-2007 23:09:18

Check your outbox and see if they have received your PMs. If they are in your outbox then the person hasn't signed in to the forum or not checked their pms. The other thing you can do is if you have their email or aim simply ask them to request the TR in a nice friendly tone. If you don't get a response from that then I would just leave it alone. Real (offline) life might be interfering and so just wait and see if the come back.

I have one of my yellows like that. It was a referral trade and I greened for them so I'm pretty bummed about it, but I'm not going to keep bugging them because they could have a family problem or something and me pestering them for the manual credit could just make them mad.