Banned from A4F?

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14-04-2007 20:18:44

I haven't been online for a few weeks due to my ISP canceling my net because I was a "high bandwidth" user. I logged into my account on A4F and it says I don't have permission to view the board. Was I banned?


15-04-2007 01:58:49

What is your user name?


15-04-2007 01:59:50

I checked and yes you are banned.


15-04-2007 02:31:17

They have you listed as a scammer. I don't know why (no threads posted about it).


15-04-2007 07:58:43

wtf -/


15-04-2007 14:00:11

I emailed emoney and haven't gotten a reply. Can someone possibly make a post and find out why I am now listed as a scammer on their site when I have never even done a trade on there.


15-04-2007 20:48:59

Reason trying to get credit for offers he didn't do


15-04-2007 20:54:16

What offer did I try to get credit for that I didn't do?


15-04-2007 21:42:23

I am going to assume I was banned from A4F for telling the WhyPayIt'sFree support that I did the Freebie Marketing Guide offer. Which I did do.

I opened up a ticket on the 23rd of March informing the support that I did the offer. Then I made a follow up post asking how I would receive the guide. The next day the 24th I got the guide in my email. I didn't check back to the WhyPayIt'sFree site due to me receiving the guide and not really thinking about having to go back to the site right away. Then on March 27th my internet was terminated by Comcast because I am in the "high bandwidth" user group. I have not had internet for 3 weeks and when I did use the internet, I didn't think about going to a freebie site on a public computer nor did I log into this site( a site I normally come on every day). So you can even ask a mod here to look into logs if they could and they could verify that I wasn't here for 3 weeks. They can also verify that I have a new ISP.

Also here is a link showing that Comcast really is terminating people for using too much of their bandwidth.


I would think the admin of WhyPayItsFree would double check with the offer that I said I did before he just labeled me as a scammer.