Credit Card won't work!

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14-04-2007 18:54:28

I'm using a visa gift card for offers that has about $40 on it but it won't work on most offers. It hardly ever works and I don't have a ral credit card. does anyone know why this is happening and how to make it work? Thanks


14-04-2007 19:00:11

well, most offers rejet prepaid, from what i've heard...since they suscribe you to a monthly charge, so a prepaid wouldn't really allow it, unless you recharge it...


14-04-2007 19:11:49

Often the problem is that for security reasons, they try to match the billing address on the card with the billing address you submit. Since a pre-paid card does not actually "bill" to you, it usually will not have your billing address, which then comes up on the merchant's site as "Fraud" and they won't take it.

Some pre-paids allow you to register the card online with your address - those ones are better for online transactions. But I don't know off hand which ones do. My daughter has a Vanilla Visa (prepaid) and it does NOT allow her to register it, but she has been able to use it on alot of offers.



14-04-2007 19:17:27 I use this one and they all eccept it


14-04-2007 19:38:21

[quotecca8601c46="gator1002"] I use this one and they all eccept it[/quotecca8601c46]

Can I order it online and i can relaod it using paypal?


14-04-2007 20:38:14

yes I got mine online but I used my checking account to load it


14-04-2007 20:58:31

is it safe to use your SS number for the card? Because when I went to look at it it asks for your SS number. Do they ask for it if you buy it at a store?


14-04-2007 21:04:02

yes they verify that you are who you say you are. I have used it for over a year with no problems.


16-04-2007 10:51:17

hi... yeah it sounds like ya need to register the card... i had that problem when i first started.. i also use a GC for this.. and have no problems what so ever with it.. i got mine form my bank.. BB&T.. just went on line and registered it.. after that it worked like a charm.. if you have a bank acct. i woul recommend gettin a GC from them and regiserring it.. it has always worked for me )



17-04-2007 22:26:58

I would recommend getting a credit card if you can. Otherwise, the paypal debit card works well for most offers. Some won't take a mastercard, but otherwise its been fine for me.

As a whole a credit card is safest for things like this because you have a whole company backing you if you are getting charged incorrectly. If you don't read the TOS and get charged a subscription fee because you didn't cancel then that's your own fault and nothing will help.

You should also know that a nasty company could try to collect the subscription fee from you if the charge gets denied (ie. you use a prepaid card and don't refill it) so you should never use a prepaid card as an excuse to not cancel subscriptions.

If you're worried about fraud, go with a credit card first. If you're worried about getting charged for things because you didn't cancel then you need to be more careful and only do offers you are interested in.