Time to show my blond side!

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14-04-2007 10:24:29

What the heck is a ICQ number? oops oops oops How embarrassing! roll

Thanks you guys!

Margot 8)


14-04-2007 10:45:28

It's a instant message program, been around forever....



14-04-2007 20:11:06

Could you tell me what the letters stand for...I put in ICQ for web search, and get all kinds of non related stuff. roll




14-04-2007 21:16:46

I don't know if it stands for anything as far as abbreviation per se, but it's supposed to be a play on "I seek you".

The official website is http//www.icq.com[]http//www.icq.com

It's now owned by AOL.

sandra habina

14-04-2007 22:47:24

Don't feel bad Margot - I had no idea either. Never heard of it before seeing it here on the forums. Well, we learn something new everyday.
Hopefully someone will tell us what it actually stands for, the company name or reference.


15-04-2007 03:37:50

IIRC, ICQ was/is more popular in Europe than the USA. AIM and MSN have more of a lock on IM in the USA.


15-04-2007 08:10:09

Thanks, everyone.

I now understand why I've only seen it a few times...and thanks for the link!

The peices are starting to fall together. wink

Thanks again!



16-04-2007 23:04:57

"ICQ" is a play on the term "I Seek You". I have been using a LOOONG time. My number is only 5 digits, starting with a 1!!