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14-04-2007 09:36:14

Hello, I am new here, but have experience on other sites. I have read that 1 person in a trade must have a tr4 or better to receive credit. My question however is if neither is a 4 or better, can we still set a trade up? I clicked on initiate trade with someone with a 3 after we agreed to terms through pm and it said sorry, one must have a tr4 or better. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


14-04-2007 09:41:42

In order to trade through the module, at least on person must have a TR of 4 or higher.


14-04-2007 09:42:58

How do you trade if both less than 4 then? Through pm?


14-04-2007 09:48:24

yes save all your pm's


14-04-2007 09:55:14

Thanks to both of you


14-04-2007 10:54:19

guys...that'S not true, the last time i checked you CAN setup a trade for tr less than 4 but you cannot get TR for it. like when you complete it and request TR, it will say denied.

someone correct me if i am wrong


15-04-2007 08:36:34

Thats right Condra. Guys being helpful is nice, just remember when a newbi brings the question here and we give them an answere they take it as gosphel. So if your not sure of your answere and dont want to take the time to look it up to help the newbi please dont post.


15-04-2007 09:19:50

u can create a trade in the trading module regardless of TR. you cannot get TR credit if both have TR < 4.
remember that this rule is to save you from possibly being scammed, not to be a pain


17-04-2007 23:11:02

If you want advice, I'd put it on hold for a couple of days, get your greens for others, then resume the trade when one of you had a TR over 4.

Some of the big problems happen when people are in too much of a hurry for this. It's easy to get overwhelmed.


18-04-2007 05:26:23

Or you can do the trade and not requesrt tr till one has +4


18-04-2007 06:22:23

[quote9d25572549="gator1002"]Or you can do the trade and not requesrt tr till one has +4[/quote9d25572549]

Nope wont' work. One person must have 4+ TR at the time the trade is initiated.

You're trying to screw the system over, but it's smarter than you think.

It's happened to me before. I thought I was going to get TR because by the time a trade was finished that started between me and another trader with less than 4 she had already gotten 4TR. And when we requested TR it was denied.


18-04-2007 06:31:54

can you blame a guy for trying??? [ba64eb6f84a]at the time the trade is initiated.
[/ba64eb6f84a] Ok I went back and reread the rules and cant find this anywhere. To my understanding its when you request tr one must have +4. Anyone out there in the know about this. (Fred)