Cost of Signing Up For Advertisers' Offers

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14-04-2007 08:57:47

I'm a newbe and have not seen this question addressed. I want to obtain greens for others for cash and am concerned with the cost of signing up for offers. Awhile ago, I tried to obtain free items for myself, but found that it cost more to sign up for the advertisers' offers than the items I wanted were worth, so I gave up.

Will people who want items reimburse me for the cost of signing up for offers? If not, do you have ideas that will allow me to sign up for offers and still come out ahead?

Thanks in advance for your help.


14-04-2007 09:25:20

Hello, and welcome aboard!

There are many offers that only charge a buck or 2 for 30 day trials. And several that only charge shipping and handling for you to try a product.

I myself usually try a product that I'm actually interested in, and you may find you want to keep it after the trial is over.

It's always a good idea to make sure that the trader you are dealing with is offering a fair amount for the trade. A good example would be what are called offers of doom, or ODD's. On certain sites, the closer a person gets to their prize, the more costly it is for them to get referrals, and the more costly it is for you to green for them.

Usually the more someone is offering you to go green for them, the more complicated/expensive it is for you....with the exception of someone looking for that last green to get a site over and submitted for approval, they may offer a few more dollars to get it done. You will find some fluctuation in the monies being offered...finding new people to go green is getting harder and harder, so the price is going up some.

Most traders are fair and honest. Start with an established trader...Personally, I can't recommend sandra_habina enough, she treated me like gold, and is wonderfully patient and very helpful. She loves working with new people. wink

Much success here!

Margot 8)


16-04-2007 23:23:14

Welcome aboard!

It is sometimes difficult to see good offers when they are in front of you. The same for bad ones. Check out a site before you commit to a trade with anyone to see if doing an offer is worth the pay you will receive. Doing your research beforehandwill help to maximize your profits.

Deal with established traders first (+4TR or higher) as they will have sites that will help you along in your quest to make money. Most are honest, and willing to help newbies. Just keep your eye out for the proverbial scammer

Oh, and don't work with a trader just because he or she has a high TR. Check out their profiles as well, and read the feedback from others who have traded with that person.

Basically, do your homework before you commit to a trade. You will be able to maximize your profits that way.

sandra habina

17-04-2007 03:17:25

Thankyou Margot, and Allan. I would change one bit of advice Alan - a trader with +5 is not really an established trader by any means, unless they have TR from another forum.
I agree - do research each offer first and read the terms of service and if you have any questions do ask a trusted trader.


17-04-2007 22:58:34

Also you can decide who to trade with by reading the forums and seeing who is helpful here. Once again sandra_habina was my first trade and it was a very good expreience. On the other hand I could also recommend myself as a good trader... LOL