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14-04-2007 06:52:54

Good Morning Everyone,

Brand New newbie, been lurking around for a few days and would like to get started. I will have questions and am not bashful. I have been pm'ing crys 27 and others but would like to have my first trades with mods or the like so I do things right. Looking forward to helping others to help myself.
My first question is this I have seen "paypal verified" at the bottom of posts and since i have a verified paypal acct. can I include this as well? Or is it something different?


14-04-2007 07:06:44

I have been trying to figure out how to make money seems like i am having to pay more than being offered and seems like everything you have to join a club and make sure you cancel before the time frame is up or be billed like 100.00 is everything this complicated or is there simpler things to do.


14-04-2007 08:08:52

it really isnt complicated.
we dont discuss cancelling here. but trial offers are such that u try it out and if u love it u keep it. if not...
the key is to find offers that do not cost an arm and a leg to try out, unless they give u something u want.
it is fully possible to do $1 trial offers for like 15 trades. note that some sites require multiple offer completion. i would stay away from there for now.
i would do nocreditcard sites to start as these are completely free. if i was starting anew i would do all the trainn sites as cc sites first


14-04-2007 15:10:35

Yeah, trainn sites are great to start.


15-04-2007 07:58:41


I'm ne wto the board and excuse my ignorance;but what trainn site are you referring to?

Thank you


15-04-2007 08:09:01

Trainn sites in general, require only 1 offer to green

like yourfreevideoipod, yourps34free, etc.

same parent company )

Big War Bird

15-04-2007 08:12:28

I disagree, don't start with TraInn, their customer service is so slow to get to manual credits that if you make a mistake you will be waiting forever to get credit. I have 3 people that have open manual credit tickets that have not been answered after nearly three weeks.

If you cannot tell i'm quite upset with TraInn right now evil


16-04-2007 04:42:45

I have found the fastest customer service with YourGiftsFree and CustomOrderThis, not to mention they pay out a lot faster than Trainn.

Not to exclude any of the other sites that I haven't had a chance to do yet - I'm sure there are a lot of other good sites also.