w9 and address

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14-04-2007 01:04:55

I am looking to do a DIY nui tech laptop site and I signed up using my dorm address. When it comes time to send in my W9, do I use my dorm address or the address thats on my license (aka not my dorm address, but both same state)? and If so would they care that the address on my W9 is different than where the item is being shipped to as long as I am a legit individual making the claim?


14-04-2007 10:52:02

You should use the address you file your taxes with. You might send a support ticket in asking if that's okay or if that is a problem.


17-04-2007 23:16:33

If they require a w-9 then they will send you a 1099 in January of next year, so you a permanent address that you expect you can receive mail with this next year. It shouldn't matter if it matches your current address, just let them know this is your "permanant" address and they should understand. Since it's spring now I would expect your dorm address to be a rather bad idea unless you are going to be there the next school year.