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13-04-2007 20:40:47

Just a quick question, does anyone ever run out of offers to do?!? I ask this because most sites that I have looked at have the same offers and I know you cant do the same offers twice. What happens if this happens?!?!


13-04-2007 20:46:31

It should be a while before you run out of offers, although eventually, it can happen. A lot of sites add new offers every so often, so you can always keep checking and see if there's any you can do. Remember to only do offers you're legitimately interested in trying out. This is the reason you see so many more "Paying XX for XXsite" threads than you see "Want to go green" threads, because offers, eventually, do kind of dry up. But like I said, you shouldn't have this problem for a WHILE if you're new! Good luck! )