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13-04-2007 17:01:49

how do i start making money or green?


13-04-2007 17:05:42

You might want to start by reading this thread http//

It's got some good information in it.


13-04-2007 17:07:34

Welcome to the forum! For starters, read ALL the rules, guidelines, FAQs (pay attention to that big red box on every page that you can't miss ;) ), Stickys, and the Help section. If you still have questions after reading all of that, ask them! ) There are a lot of great people here, and we're pretty much all happy to help newbies get started! You can always post in the Trade Forum that you're new and looking to start building some TR (can only bump ONCE ever 24hrs or make a new thread ONCE every 3 days in the Trading Forum). You'll probably get lots of responses. I'm happy to help, I'll send you a PM. Good luck and have fun!!


16-04-2007 15:01:48

you can also start with me ;)