Did I do this offer already? HOW DO YOU KNOW?

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13-04-2007 06:28:43

I was going to get a friend into this stuff but I know he had been doing stuff like, MyPoints, PaidInboxDollars, CashCrate, etc. and was thinking he might have a hard time doing offers because he may have done many of the offers in the past for other types of sites.

Is there a way for a person to check to make sure they will not get a red light for doing an offer before trying to complete it?

If a person had done for example a trial on "example club" and wanted to try it again a year later, would that be a problem?

Big War Bird

13-04-2007 06:31:04

I know Inboxdollars keeps a record of the offers one has done. Just write them down.


13-04-2007 06:37:14

Well, in answer your first question, I don't knwo of any site or program that could verify that a paerson has done an offer. He should have kept records, confirmation emails, etc as proof of the sites he has gone to.

The answer to your second question is Yes. That would be a problem. It is called offer fraud, and that can get you banned from many sites.


13-04-2007 07:12:10

Some of the offers have a fail-safe in place and will not let you continue if they recognize the email. Some will let you sign up if it has been more than a year.

Record keeping is VERY important - even starting part way through.

There is a chance he could repeat an offer and have a problem, but I think it is not a big chance. The biggest problem would be if he used a different email and they catch it later - then it looks like fraud. But if he is using the same email as before, it should be ok.



13-04-2007 07:17:15

Hi there,

Great tip on the e-mail address Laurel!

If your friend knows ALL the sites he/she has done, have him put in a support ticket to each one and explain that he wants to abide by their TOS, and unfortunately didn't keep records of the offers he completed...though if he is a member, most sites I know of tell you which offers you received credit for.....the offers he/she did, but did not get credit for will not be listed there. Some sites also have a click history section that can be looked at, which may be helpful, this doesn't mean the offer was completed, but it can be helpful with my next idea.

Most offers charge a min of 1.00, and charge even if you don't get credit. So another suggestion, is for your friend to check his bank statements carefully for the time that these sites were done, and see if there are any charges that may be from an offer completion....if so, call the number listed on the statement to find out exactly what company the charge was for....and make sure he/she actually talks to a person, and verifies the name of the offer...I know I'm kinda repeating myself, but it's important to actually verify it via a person, as there are many offers that are billed by the same company, so don't hang up after hearing the company answer and making the assumption that that was the offer that was done.

Have your friend be very careful....the last thing anyone wants is to be banned for fraud or go red on anothers account...and very important to keep excellent records of all offers completed whether you get credited or not. To the best of my knowledge, as stated above, these offers can not be done again, ever!!!!

Hope I helped, and Good Luck with this! D

Margot 8)


14-04-2007 09:03:40

great answers to all!
hope they can help out others in this area if there is a problem!