Whats this about?

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12-04-2007 16:19:51

Can anyone help I don't want to sign up for it and wish I didn't I looked at it and still don't understand.

Need $6585.09? Sign up, and earn it! (Advertisment)


12-04-2007 16:25:53

It is a DIY site meaning that they list offers for you to complete by yourself. You are then paid money for every offer you complete.

The owners and operators are all moderators or active users on this forum.

The (Advertisement) means they paid Admin money to advertise for their website here.

But the owners being who they are..... I bet they gave Admin something else then money P


12-04-2007 16:39:02

Haha, yeah.


12-04-2007 20:05:51

Its those picks again huh??? (TSJ)


13-04-2007 09:18:54

Hi There,

I don't know how you signed up for that site, but if after the explanation given you still makes you not want to be involved with that site, I can give you some info on what to do.

1. I'm not even certain if DIY sites are referral based, but if so, and you
did sign up that way, are not able to green, or would like to delete the
trade, ask your referral to please take the offer off the table, hopefully
the other person will be reasonable and willing.

2. No matter how you ended up becoming a member, you are not
obligated to complete the site...just don't go back, I'm reasonably
certain that that goes for any site.

Anyone out there who knows different, please correct me. D

Hope I helped, D