Newbies, communication is the key!

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11-04-2007 15:12:47

You see it many times in the scammer forum. You hear about it from traders. You may have seen it in your own PMs. What I am talking about is poorly written messages and failure to contact.

All of it falls under one topic Communication.

Newbies, you should take the time to read the rules, TOS, and other topics concerning the site. It is valuable information that will help you conduct proper trading techniques, how to avoid the obvious pitfalls, what is and is not allowed in the forums, and the consequences of your actions should you choose to disregard that information. These posts are a form of communication.

Another form is Private Messaging. This feature, much like email, allows you to communicate with other site users, Offer trades, accept trades, etc. This is your main communication station, and it should be used correctly.

No matter what kind of PM you are writing, make sure that you type your message in everyday, proper english, with as much detail (Especially if you are offering a trade)as needed, and clearly stated. Remember, you are working with money, or valuable trades, and both sides must clearly understand what the other trader's intent is. This will help lessen the amount of posts complaining that the instructions were not clear or a PM was understandable. Now, I am not against using shortcuts-far from it. It is that I do not believe that the language and shortcuts you use to talk with someone on a casual basis should not be used when conducting business, especially if there is money involved.

PM your trader throughout the entire life of the trade. This means from first contact to the final PM thanking the trader for the payment and TR credit. It could mean the difference between a successful trading career or a permanent ban. Keep the trader (either side) informed about everything that affects the trade, and that includes if you have to be gone for a long time.

I once had a site put me on hold (going red, as it's called) because they said I was using a proxy, which was against their TOS. I do not use proxies, nor proxy ISP's like AOL. I PMed my trader many times, telling that person EVERYTHING I was doing to resolve the problem. Since I had already been paid for the green, I needed to give the money back. Well, the situation could not be resolved. I PMed the trader, apologized for going red, and I returned the money. The next day, I saw that money AGAIN in my paypal account. The trader refunded the money, telling me to keep it, understanding that the problem was not of my doing, and that she appreciated the fact that I had kept in contact with her.

I cannot stress enough how important communication is to this business. If you look at the feedback of traders, you will notice that many of the comments of the good traders mentioned that the person was, over and above getting a fast green, a good communicator. And though communication skills do not have points that can be given for, it is nonetheless an important asset that traders use to determine whether or not they will trade with you. The more you communicate, the more willing people will be to do business with you.

Communication skill is an asset we all have, in varying degrees. Even if you are clueless as to what and how to communicate effectively, there are forums on many topic you can use. Look at them. Find the ones that you can clearly understand, then emulate that style for yourself. You will notice that more and more people will be willing to work with you, or just talk.

In closing, Let me just say that communication is the cornerstone of this business. Write concisely and effectively. Spell out your intentions as clearly and as detailed as you can, and in no time you will see the beginnings of a very lucrative venture. Be polite and compassionate. People appreciate that and will WANT to do business with you.


12-04-2007 07:14:43

I think proper grammar needs to be stated again. This isn't IRC or anything, use real English. Many times I cannot even understand what is being said. Saving time by using internet contractions doesn't work when I have to ask you what you're trying to say.


12-04-2007 07:40:33

[ba66692b643]Oh, I can't agree more !! [/ba66692b643]

Posts and PMs that I have to spend 1/2 hour "translating" are not likely to get my attention. If you can't even speak (type) in real English, why would I want to do business with you????



12-04-2007 13:18:14

Well said, alan4561! Clear concise communication is key, but so is communication in general. I have no problem waiting for a green, even when I've stated a timeframe, as long as the other trader lets me know the status. I'm more inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt when they update me about delays in going green. When there's no green for weeks on end and no explanation or reply to PMs, it's just extremely frustrating!! I've had quite a few traders where it's taking them FOREVER to go green...some I've finally requested deletion (when I just hear nothing for weeks) and some I'm still waiting for the green. The difference? The ones I wait for have kept me updated and have assured me they're doing everything they can to get that green. Good Communication!!!! I can't stress the importance enough...thanks for starting this thread!


12-04-2007 14:04:38

In regards to the grammar thing, I can't tell you how many PM's I have received in just the last week that I can't even understand. I always reply saying I'm confused but then most times the reply I get from that is worse than the original message. It's amazing how the internet has helped to destroy our national grammar as we knew it before the explosion of the net. A kind request from all traders; please communicate clearly, I just don't know all the lingo these days I guess! )


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16-04-2007 23:47:15


I am bumping this topic because It is such an importiant one, and I would like to see it some day stuck to the top. Everyone that has currently responded to this thread has commented on the importance of good grammar and clear writing when you IM someone. To all traders Communication in all its forms is the key to the success you want!


16-05-2007 15:54:38

Hello to everyone out there!

I had just read a couple more posts where a complaint was a lack of communication. Now, the traders involved were not newbies.

Those of us who have been here a while know the importance of communication. I personally have profited, and lost, due solely to communication. It is that skill in all of us that takes the place of talking face to face, here at FiPG.

There is exceedingly good advice here in the help forum, mostly pointed towards newbies, but can apply to all of us as well. Communication is one of them.

A NOTE TO ALL TRADERS Talk. Talk with each other. Keep each other informed, especially during the entire life of a trade.