Zeropricetags crash?

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11-04-2007 14:59:00

Does anyone know why the Zeropricetags site spits a server crash page back after logging in? I've been waiting for over a week for credit and haven't been able to log in for several days to check my status. It will send me a password change request and I can browse the public pages. I've also tried different browsers and received the same result.

Thanks in advance,


11-04-2007 20:06:31

I checked at phones.zpt. I was able to get in and root around. It is possible their database encountered problems in trying to authenticate your email and password, and you are not the only one with that same problem. Additionally, a surprising number of complaints have popped up about the ZPT sites recently.

Let me know if you get back in.


11-04-2007 21:23:06

I had trouble too. PM the site administrator - JKirk. He is extremely helpful.