Should my trading partner wait or do more offers?

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10-04-2007 11:23:23

If some traders forgot to clear cookies b4 they went to the site and they did couple offers to get there 1 credit. Should they wait to see if the credit goes through? or should they wait the 7 days then ask for the credit? or will they not receive the credit?


10-04-2007 11:29:40

Hi there. We're trying to clean up the forums and make it easier for people to search for topics. Could you please edit the title of your topic so that it clearly indicates what your question is about? I'd suggest something like "Should my trading partner wait or do more offers?". Thanks!


10-04-2007 11:47:40

yeah it is hard to know. in any case really it will not matter. i would never do a second offer before a manual credit is denied, so i would wait the manual credit time and then submit. patience is a virtue