Bidz offers

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10-04-2007 10:47:43

If you have already bought from BIDZ and they send you e-mails can you sign up for offer? I didn't sign up for offer originally, just went to website. Thanks for help. Didn't want to complete offer with them and get in trouble.


10-04-2007 14:19:33

I believe if your email is already registered with them, they will not allow you to sign up again.


10-04-2007 15:03:14

thanks, that what i thought


10-04-2007 20:15:42

I believe that would be the same with any service, for instance if you already have blockbuster, obviously you can't sign up again. If you had it at one time, and you want to sign up for a trial, the credit can be revoked, as it is designed for first time customers only. Simular restrictions may also apply for dish, and vonage. I'm sure there are many more.

I thought about doing the Carlton Sheets, but ordered the program a few years back and don't want to risk going red on someone. Some companies do set time limits however.

The same offer can vary from site to site, so read the tos carefully, or call them and ask, just to be safe. wink

Margot 8)