Help!!! Can I check PM's and Status on another computer?

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10-04-2007 10:03:18

I'm in the process of moving. I can't hook my computer up right now. Could I check my pm's and the status of my previous sites on another computer? I know I can't do offers on another computer. I just was wondering if I can just check my pm's and my staus. Also once I get my new address, would I need to give the previous sites I have my new address or continue with my old address? They new sites I will have in the future would I need to sign up with my new address or should I continue on with my old address? I only choose paypal cash when I choose my gift. I was just wondering.


10-04-2007 10:19:53

You can probably check the Forum from a different computer (but not the computer of a different user), but I would NOT check your accounts on any of your sites if you can avoid it.

Once you get all moved, you may want to check the TOS of the sites - I have actually read one that specifically said "if you move, you can not finish your site". But most of them should be ok with it, if you open a support ticket telling them the new address.



10-04-2007 11:30:50

Hi there. We're trying to clean up the forums and make it easier for people to search for topics. Could you please edit the title of your topic so that it clearly indicates what your question is about? I'd suggest something like "Can I check PMs and status on another computer?". Thanks!


10-04-2007 11:44:05

as they said above. any site that says u cannot move is a POS site and should not be done.
that said, do not check your status until your new computer and IP are set. a good thing to do before you do this is to find the support email for teh site and email them letting them know that u are moving to a new home so a new IP will be seen. as long as the new address/IP is not the same as one of your referrals u should be fine.
also of note, yourgiftsfree allows you to check your status at their status checker site instead of logging into all your accounts. you can also login from any computer as long it is not that of a referral of yours but status check is easier and less risky
their status checker if u have one of their sites


11-04-2007 07:44:10

Thank everyone so much you've been a big help!!!