A Warning for Newbies

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10-04-2007 09:04:32

[b4ac48b15d2]A warning for all Newbies [/b4ac48b15d2][/size4ac48b15d2]

You will likely get a lot of unsolicited PMs the first day or so that you join. (Mods, can we not do something about this???) I recently helped a friend sign up, and within minutes of registering, she had 5 or 6 PMs offering to trade.

Newbies should take at least a day or two and read things and look around to get a feel for this business. Then, when you feel ready, PM an established trader (someone with a TR of at least 30 who has been a member more than a month and has a "presence" on the forum - posts helpful answers, etc) and see what they have to offer. You can find offers on the Trading Post also, but again, you should look to start with Established Traders.

I am not trying to discriminate against anyone under TR30, but there has been alot of scamming and a lot of newbie mistakes lately. If new people start off with someone who's been here a while, it helps to make things run more smoothly.

[b4ac48b15d2]My advice - anyone who PMs you unsolicited (especially in your first couple of days) should probably be avoided.[/b4ac48b15d2][/size4ac48b15d2]

Please note that posting in the Trading Post that you are interested in doing sites makes the PMs you receive "solicited" and not part of the warning above. Mods - if you feel something in this post is incorrect, please feel free to correct it.



10-04-2007 10:45:34

We deal with PM spam when it is reported, but it's not simple to automate enforcement. If someone receives PM spam, have that person contact ONE moderator with the name of the person that sent the unsolicited PMs.


10-04-2007 14:19:26

If you get PMs welcoming you to FIPG with offers to help and they have sites listed in their signature, is this okay?


10-04-2007 14:29:02

[quote6bc2a4bfe9="linway"]If you get PMs welcoming you to FIPG with offers to help and they have sites listed in their signature, is this okay?[/quote6bc2a4bfe9]

No one should have links in their signatures, but listing the sites is ok. However, the PMs that my friend got just barely qualified as "Welcome" and really mainly said "Trade with me" .

Personally, I don't think you should PM anyone, even to say "Welcome" until they have posted and made their presence known. Once someone has posted and asked for help or advice, that's fine. But my friend had 6 PMs in l[b6bc2a4bfe9]iterally[/b6bc2a4bfe9] 3 minutes from people wanting her to trade with them, and I think that's wrong (plus, they all came from relatively new people with lower TRs, who a brand new person should not be trading with anyway). Especially before a new person has even had a chance to read the rules and get the feel of the Forum.

I wish I had thought to have her copy and report them as spam.



10-04-2007 15:53:46

I reported someone to an admin (user Admin) and the message is still in my outbox (unread) 2 weeks later...


10-04-2007 17:08:10

I still get a few every once in awhile that say "saw you online, wanna green for me?" One guy argued with me that it wasn't spam. I asked him if he read my post saying I would green for him and he said, yeah, that's why i'm pming you.... Haven't had a post like that since the day I started....


10-04-2007 17:41:17

[quote16243525a1="PsYcHoPaT"]I reported someone to an admin (user Admin) and the message is still in my outbox (unread) 2 weeks later...[/quote16243525a1]

Admin is too busy for such trivial matters. PM TSJ instead; he's got nothing better to do, anyways.


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15-05-2007 06:30:47

Can you put a link to your thread in your signature? Like this? If not I will remove it immediately. Tried to find that answer.


15-05-2007 06:34:27

I've seen a lot of people put the links to their trade threads in their signature. I think you're fine as long as you're not putting in actual referral links to your freebie sites. Of course, I could be wrong...


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15-05-2007 07:38:53

Trade thread links are fine in your sig are fine. Just no ref links (unless it's FusionCash).

It's not surprising that most PM spammers are newbies, because the veterans here know better. Actually, the newbies should know better too, as it's been mentioned enough.

Like KeithA said, PM a moderator or admin with the name of the spammer and we'll take care of it.

Do not PM the user "Admin" for such things. He does not respond to PM's, and in fact I don't believe they are even delivered to him now.