Hello from NC

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09-04-2007 21:06:26

Just me saying hello, hope to meet new friends to work with.
Thanks, Mark


09-04-2007 21:09:01

Hey Mark,
Welcome to fipg. Let me know if you need anything.


09-04-2007 22:02:40

Welcome to the forum, Mark! You'll meet a lot of great people here )

sandra habina

09-04-2007 22:30:15

Yes Welcome, best advice is to read the rules again, and the help forum, and the stickys' at the top of all pages. If you would like some help, I am here. Good luck Mark.


10-04-2007 19:27:26

Welcome from me as well. I just moved up from NC to MN last summer...of course it's currently snowing here cry PM me if you have any questions


10-04-2007 19:49:11

welcome welcome welcome