Order Visa giftcards with paypal

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09-04-2007 18:24:52

I am a new site owner and wondering where you guys buy visa gift cards for your clients. Most sites i checked out needs credit cards.

I don't have a problem with credit cards but i wanna keep the 2 funds separate.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks


10-04-2007 13:37:53

bump, i need to order some plz


11-04-2007 20:34:36


I researched your request. I found 2 sites for you that would fit with what you are looking for. The first is a simple website called giftcards.com. The other site allows you to buy customizable visa gift cards, and that is at www.primofinancials.com/gift_card.html. Check them out.

sandra habina

12-04-2007 01:07:49

I think he owes you some Karma Alan. Nice search.


14-04-2007 11:05:46

yes i give karma but i don't get how that site works. theres no place to order. BUT ill look more into it to figure out. THX


14-04-2007 12:02:37

why not get a business credit card OR another cc in your name and use it for business?
amex has a good free cc


17-04-2007 23:14:48

You can also try buying a gift card from your bank. They may sell them or refer you to a service that does.

Otherwise paypal is always nice...


18-04-2007 01:10:22

U cant use a paypal virtual card to pay for the giftcards?