Question about completing offers from the same company

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09-04-2007 18:08:34

Yeah, that's a newbie question... ?

1) I completed the Ultima Smile offer, can I do the Ultima Patch offer?

2) I completed the CellaDerm anti-wrinkles offer, can I do the CellaDerm tanning offer?

I would appreciate to receive "confirmed" answers, not only speculations and maybe's. It's been running through my head since I started trading and your answers may close the subject once and for all...

Thank you,



09-04-2007 18:59:37

I did both Ultima Smile and Ultima Patch and got credit for both, but had to call the company to confirm that I wanted both.

I have not tried the CellaDerm offers but have been told you can only do one.

I have done one (TL Sciences) that has a lot of different product offers and only allows you to do one every 90 days.

I have been told that you can also do Bargain Homes, Bargain Cars, and Bargain Network.



09-04-2007 21:06:44

hmmm...interesting. I always thought you could only do one at all of them. I know I have tried several that tlsciences own and can't do but one. Tlsciences is tricky because they have many different names of products.


09-04-2007 21:27:25

[quote6889da1bd7="laurelwm"]I have done one (TL Sciences) that has a lot of different product offers and only allows you to do one every 90 days.[/quote6889da1bd7]
[quote6889da1bd7="frediggy"]Tlsciences is tricky because they have many different names of products.[/quote6889da1bd7]
What are some of the product offers by this company? I think it would be good to post here since it seems you can only do one of their products.

I for one have not heard of this company.


09-04-2007 21:59:37

The one I did was trimlife. I cannot remember the other ones, but they were all diet or energy products. From what I remember, I didn't know they were tlsciences products until I filled out all the info and submitted. Then I was told that I was already signed up with them and noticed the tlsciences logo. Sorry, but I can't remember which ones they were and don't want to go through the hassle of trying to find them again LOL.


10-04-2007 03:32:20

I am able to confirm some offer restrictions, via site owners own statements.

Advantage Language, and Advantage Language II are the same offer and you can only do one.

Bargin Network, this includes The Price Store, Hud Homes Now, Bargin Cars, Bargin Cars II, and Bargin Home/Car Combo. Can each be done once. Bargin Homes I, and Bargin Homes can only complete one of these, not both.

My personal experience with Bargin network is that if I am a current member of any of the offers that start with the word Bargin, I am a network member and can't complete a different Bargin offer until I am no longer a member. This does not apply to Hud Homes Now or The Price Store. Others haven't had this problem, but I just tried this rescently, and it's possible they are changing their system.

I've only done one celladerm, and one tl science. So can't say anything about those.

Hope this helps a little D

Margot 8)