Can't this be an endless cycle?

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09-04-2007 16:49:53

I'm somewhat new to this although I've done this before a few times. Couldn't you just get paypal as a prize and then pay people to do referrals for you resulting in a neverending profit of money?

I know this would take time but I am not the only that has thought about this?

What are some good sites to get started with, and how much should I offer for a green? half the referral value?


09-04-2007 16:55:35

well, if you want to trade HERE, i suggest you start some sites for money for now ) and some of us are here for that you know..i don't know about endless, but a good amount anyway..

start with trainn sites ) or ZPT, or easy crediting ones. there are many many many...

like some allow you to have unlimited cashouts and refs (ordergiftsfree), some you can redo...

and half is a good price to pay, but i strongly suggest you get a TR of smting like 10 before tempting to get refs. in order to avoid frustration )


09-04-2007 17:11:56

That is what I am doing. Using money I made to pay my referrals so I can cash in a site and use that money to cash in several more sites and make big cash!


09-04-2007 19:00:06

The way to start is to get paid to go green. Get's you TR and sites to do later.

Once you have established yourself (not 1 TR), you can then start paying people with the money you earned to go green.

I did offers for a month, and now I'm paying people out, and have never really dipped into my own personal money except for the first few offers.

sandra habina

09-04-2007 22:42:27

I have to agree with givmea1032. Get your TR built up by doing offers on established traders sites and then you can use some of those sites for yourself and pay refs and then when you finish the site - you get more money. It takes time but it does work. Good Luck


10-04-2007 19:23:07

Do Trainn, you won't be dissapointed! wink