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08-04-2007 01:05:31

I just finished my first trade! It was an unpleasant one and I regret doing business with the person because they were impatient, rude, an A$$, and to the point definitely not support friendly (Condra). I honestly do not recommend any newbie starting off with him/her. I'm sure people have dealt with this person but from my opinion people that have bad attitudes don't deserve squat! Well after my first trade can anyone help me out on my second one? ANy great deals?


08-04-2007 01:09:32

Ouch. I'm sure we'll get Condra's side to this story when she gets on and sees this. I've personally had a positive experience with my communications involving her ... I can only speculate, since I don't have all the details.

As to the other part of your post, check out my sites and see if you are interested. Just click the link in my signature, and you will find all the information you should need for now )


08-04-2007 13:47:09

Great ! ok, so I have all the conversation btw us, if anywone wants too see it. I think I have behaved properly lol...compared to the rude messages I got from this trader, who did not take the time to read the rules beforehand, altho I did tell him to do so and assumed he would at LEAST check them out.

Oh and don't worry, after 1 week back and forth, for doing games.giftsinn, he finally greened and received payment within seconds...

This is all I have to say. All the ppl I have been trading with know me and my trading methods, quite a lot of them (check feedback) were happy with my help.
Sorry you weren't, but it is your fault. Learn to read and be nice to ppl that explain 2-3 times the same thing, and you'll get somewhere, maybe.

Oh and if you're sooo upset with the trade, why didn't you even request TR and leave me the comment that ''I merit''?


08-04-2007 13:58:07

As an unbiased party who has access to PMs between both people, I have to vouch for Condra here.

redzalez asked TONS of questions that could have been answered by simply taking the time to lurk and read, as simple netiquette suggests when you join a new community. Condra was very patient and helpful, though I admit she got a little fed up at the end and wanted to just get the trade done (and rightly so).

redzalez, you need to learn some patience, tact, and self-help skills. Condra did nothing wrong in your trade.


08-04-2007 15:54:19

How can you say that this person is not rude? Being new to this biz condra was definitely not supportive or patient. I was paid but not happy with this person. She/HE had plenty of smart a$$ remarks. Enough said because I won't be dealing with this person again. By the way i did request the tr.


08-04-2007 16:33:58

You were very short with her, and I wasn't going to say this before, but you asked a lot of stupid questions that you should have taken the due diligence to figure out on your own. You can't just expect everyone to do everything for you, and not get irritated after the 15th PM asking simple questions.

I hate to be so blunt, but I've got no problem doing so in the course of defending someone who has done nothing wrong, has been helpful, and has made a great name for herself around here.


09-04-2007 10:33:32

My opinion she was rude so you can team up and say what you want. Enough said on this because I am done with it.


09-04-2007 18:16:17

All of my dealing with Condra have been great. You are entitled to your own opinion. Perhaps you will find you are not really cut out for this business????


09-04-2007 19:01:51

Not cut out for this biz??? Who are you to say that? First your experience may have been different with her but from my point it sucked. Thanks for posting that because I definitely want to weed out these type of people so i definitely would not want to deal with you too. NOw again all those cheerleaders for her go ra ra ra somewhere else. Moderator close this thread because all I want is a more pleasant person to deal with and there is no need to be going back and forth talking crap.


09-04-2007 19:11:41

Why would I want to trade with a newbie who can't even bother to read the rules and jumps in to post about how "rude" someone was, when even the moderators take her side and say you were the rude one??????

With my TR of 88, I'm not too worried that you won't trade with me. You might be more concerned about all of the established traders who will read this topic (that YOU started) and will not trade with you.


09-04-2007 21:45:33

You know what who I have had plenty of offers being brought to me from this post. So you know what really you are no one. Now keep talking your crap. I had no association with you but you decide to come on this thread and start talking crap. YOu are no one . Its stupid for you to even think that no one would benefit from trading with me; expecially when i went out ofmy way and did addt'l offers just so that trade would go green! So go back to your own business and stop jumping in posts and create drama.


10-04-2007 03:29:45

Redzalez, you are the one who opened this thread to talk crap about an established trader who has done nothing wrong. The fact that other people are willing to jump in to vouch for her makes my point even more.