Requet Deletion or Trade Failed ???

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06-04-2007 07:48:48

Hello Everyone,

I've noticed some people have -tr. I have a trade going on with a real nice trader, and he is having personal difficulties. I had to do a manual credit for, I offered to cancel the trade if it did not go through by today....I would like to do it in a way that would not reflect poorly on either of our records. Which is the better option, request deletion or trade failed? The trade was confirmed.

Appreciate any help, )


Margot 8)


06-04-2007 08:30:24

Either would be fine - that does not affect TR. People with -TR have had it changed that way by the Mods for something they have done, as a warning to other traders.


sandra habina

06-04-2007 09:08:58

You are fine Margot, neither way would reflect badly on either of you. It will not give him or you a negative TR. Just no additional TR for that particular trade that is cancelled or deleted. As Laurel said, -TR is a warning that the mods. have chosen to do to a trader who has done a serious no-no.

Hope this clears things up a bit.


06-04-2007 09:22:58

Thanks so much you guys (ladies..LOL)!

That's good news to hear, not to mention the heads up warning on why the person has -tr.

Have a great one D

Margot 8)