Do I still get paid for manual green?

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06-04-2007 00:06:07

[quote4cd656a6d1]So I was hoping someone can answer, The v-bux trade that I entered into is now trying to delete our trade even though I am still awaiting manual credit. Is this normal or acceptable because that means I will not get paid for the green yet the other person will still recieve the green? How does it work? Do I just except that v-bux messed up and take it as a loss or is the person i'm trading with doing something wrong?[/quote4cd656a6d1]

I originally posted this question in another threadon accident when I commented and got this response from gator1002
[quote4cd656a6d1]If there wasnt a time limit on you going green and you are still in contact with your trade partner, no they cant delete the trade. If you go green a month from now they will still owe you for the green.

Can someone please confirm this answer or explain another opinion? Maybe an Admin? Originally there was no set date to complete the offer by and I always kept them updated and when I told them that I sent in for a manual credit then then gave me a deadline to something that is not in my control. I really dont want to fight with him if im wrong because he has a higher trade record.


06-04-2007 00:43:38

You can PM a mod. I don't know if they will automatically see this forum or not.

But in any case, you did the green. there was no original time limit. You should still get paid. If they went ahead and got another referral because of your yellow, that is their problem as long as you kept good contact and they didn't have a time limit originally.


06-04-2007 07:33:22

Agreed. I would PM a moderator and let them know. If the Trade Module details do not specify a time limit, you should be paid no matter how long it takes for you to go green, as long as you stay in touch. To cover yourself, be sure to save all of your PMs as proof that you stayed in touch (at least one each 7 days).


06-04-2007 10:19:26

yeah if there was no time limit originally and u have kept in contact they have to pay u for the green even if they submit for approval without ur green and then u green later. PM a mod about this )


15-04-2007 14:22:18

Ok I tried to PM a mod to help with this but got no response, can a mod please confirm or decline what is right and what is wrong bcuz the other person will not respond to my PM's. Please any Moderator please help!


15-04-2007 18:21:05

pm keitha, he will pm ya back. it is the weekend so some may be away
who is the user?


15-04-2007 19:16:58

It would be nice to know who the user is so we can be on the lookout if we enter into a trade


16-04-2007 10:42:48

damn that sux biz.. waitn on manual creds is a major bitch.. but the user should still pay you if that was the original agreement.. and putting a time limit on you AFTER you said you applied for manual credit is sheisty as shit in my opinion.. i havent been around here or doin this long but that seems unfair.. i have just FINALLY finished a site for a guy i have been tryin green for for over a month on his site.. which he will be VERY happy about when he finds out laer D.. and as the others stated above.. yes even if he finishes the site without you he is obligated to pay you even afterwards when you go green if that was the agreement and no time limit was set.. again im sorry for yer bad experience.. hope it worx out for ya



16-04-2007 14:48:53

Yeah, he owes you your $$ when you go green...I'm waiting on one of my refs to go green and his is the last 1/2 credit I need. It's been over 1 month, but he's kept in contact, submitted a manual credit request and I know he's done everything he can, so I'll happily keep waiting. I suppose some traders would expect you to do another quick offer to just get that green (I'm sure we've all done that as favors for traders we like doing business with, but it should never be an obligation). I really think that if you've done what's necessary to get one full credit including manual requests, they're obligated to pay you...and changing the terms of the trade on you right in the middle is just unacceptable...just my opinion.