Doing a trade for greens.

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05-04-2007 21:52:24

When you trade green for green with someone can you set up two separate trades to get a higher TR for your name [ua1f4fc68db][ba1f4fc68db]or[/ba1f4fc68db][/ua1f4fc68db] if you set up two links on the same trade do you get 2 TR credit or just 1 TR credit.

I hope this isn't too dumb of a question. Thanks Mike


05-04-2007 22:25:55

you only get 1 TR credit for the 1 trade


06-04-2007 00:33:19

You asked a two part question, so here is a two part answer

1. You trade green for green. It would only be set up as 1 trade, so you would only get 1 TR.
2. You are doing multiple trades with the same person, such as trading 2 of your sites for 2 of theirs. You can set those up as 2 separate trades, thus getting multiple TR.

Hopefully this makes sense ).