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05-04-2007 21:34:15

I am new, duh! Attempting to do an offer on Ordercash4free site and I click the bargain autos one and when it loads, it's somethng totally different; a 3-in-one credit report thing...does this happen? Should I use the credit offer? Will I still get credit? Help!


05-04-2007 21:43:38

Sometimes there is someting wrong with the link and it seems liek it might be redirecting itself. Im not 100% sure if thats what it is but I would just stay away from it or open a suppot ticket explaining the problem.


05-04-2007 21:45:01

EDIT I don't want the wrong answer here, so I'll just say this hasn't happened to me, but from what I understand, open a support ticket, and don't do the offer. (Thanks for correcting me people!!) 8)


06-04-2007 07:29:00

[quotedd6880aa64="ldybug1752"]A lot of offers have other little offers when you click on them. Most of the time there will be a "No, Thanks" link that you can click on and it should take you where you want to go. Of course, it could just be the wrong link on the offer, I'm sure there's someone else out there who could give a better answer wink But for now just check and see if there's a "No thanks" options. Best of luck!

Edit (zr ya beat me to it!!) )[/quotedd6880aa64]

This is only relevant if it first goes to the correct offer, then tries to give you other offers after you complete.

If the first time you click the offer, it goes somewhere else, open a support ticket and notify the site, but do not try to complete it, as you will generally not get credit for it.



06-04-2007 08:07:11


I've had this happen to me...and to clarify, you did click on one offer and then a different offer showed up?

I don't know if this is how it is spelled but ...Nexus Leads, is usually the company that does the rerouting. Did you clear it out, try again and another offer showed again?

If so, the original offer is having tech problems or is completely dead. I tried to do an offer when that happened, and did not get credit. Notify the site administration through a support ticket, and they will rectify the problem (as Laurel stated). Just me, but personally I wouldn't recommend you complete any offer that comes up that is not the original offer you were wanting to complete.

Hope I helped! wink

Margot 8)


06-04-2007 08:31:49

Had the same thing happen and opened a support ticket. I was told some offers have a cap per day or week and when they reach that cap you will be redirected to another offer. and no dont do the other offer