Ugh. Been charged for something and I didn't get credit

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05-04-2007 04:49:27

I tried to do the Carleton Sheets offer and it told me it couldn't accept my card. WSo I went and did a different offer.

Now the charge is showing up on my account and I never got an email confirming.



05-04-2007 05:00:53

Is there a phone number on your charge account? I would call Carleton Sheets and ask them about it.

If you can't find the phone number, let me know and I'll see if I have it in my records.



05-04-2007 09:47:52

You really do need to contact them, as stated above, the number of the company that charged you should be on your bank invoice. It's been my experience regarding this type of issue, that if you call the company you signed up for, they will not be able to help you quite as effectively as the company that they use for charging purposes. This happened to me a few, if your card was rejected at the time of your offer completion, and no confirmation was sent, the charge should just drop off.
But to be sure, call the number on your invoice, they will know what will occur. wink



05-04-2007 10:33:07

Thanks all!


06-04-2007 01:07:11

You should know there is a difference between being "authorized" and being "charged." Often if you are using a debit card they might look the same. It might be listed as pending or something like that. If it is pending there is nothing anybody can do for 4-5 days or so until it either gets completed (settled) or it just drops off.

Check online every day and if it ever gets completed then you need to have Carlton Sheets or their processor reverse the charge.


06-04-2007 09:51:41

I have an update on this issue....

One charge did go through that I was assured wouldn't.

These are the steps to take if this happens. Hopefully you have contacted them, and if not make sure you do.

Go to your online banking account, click on the specific charge, and it comes up with all the details regarding that transaction, print it out. Then call the company again, get a fax # and put it to the attention to the person you spoke to, who will be issuing the refund, fax it, wait about an hour, call back and make sure the person got the fax, and confirm when the refund will be issued, and keep very good records as to who you talked to each time, date and time you called.

My refund is being processed as I speak. This is the only time a charge actually went through under the circumstances of denial, no e conf, etc...
So it can happen. Just cover your behind, and always contact the company immediately.

Oh, on a good note, they are also issuing me a $10 bonus for the inconveience... D

Margot 8)