can i do this

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04-04-2007 23:25:37

this 1 guy slam was posting this
i was checking out freecomputeraddons... really easy site but can i get 3 greens for him or will that be against TOS or anything..

he said i had to use 2 emails

Hello. I'm offering $22 for 1 GREEN, $46 for 2 GREENS, $72 for 3 GREENS, and $100 for 4 GREENS! The sites I need are and How to get 4 GREENS you ask? You can complete FreeComputerAddons up to THREE times, but you have to use different e-mail addresses (I suggest getting Yahoo, Hotmail... accounts). So 1 GREEN at College.YourGiftsFree, and 3 at FreeComputerAddons. I will pay on GREEN, and I DO have money in my paypal to pay ASAP. PM me or post here!!


04-04-2007 23:40:46

That's against TOS. I don't know of any sites that allow different email addresses, as it counts as having multiple accounts, which is against all TOS that I've seen, and will cause you to go RED. Just don't do it. )

(If I'm wrong..someone please correct me and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about wink )


04-04-2007 23:51:24

i know what your saying ... but FreeComputerAddons is a new site and i really didn't look at the tos ... and why would a moron be posting that like that




05-04-2007 04:49:03

I have NEVER seen a site that will allow you to use different email addresses and sign up multiple times. I would be very, very suspicious of someone who asks you to. You might get away with it long enough for his prize to clear (which is probably what he's counting on), but it couldn't work for long.

My advice - DON'T DO IT !!!!



05-04-2007 06:59:05

Freecomputeraddons does allow multiple accounts. It says it in their TOS

"(4) A user is allowed to have up to 3 accounts on and, having more than 3 will result in all accounts being put on hold.
(5) A user is allowed to have up to 1 account on all other FCA Network sites. "


05-04-2007 08:04:44

wow i didnt know that. surprising
can u be ur own ref i wonder?