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04-04-2007 18:21:24

I want to start trading and going green for people but I am afraid that I will do something wrong. I am also afraid that I will end up with nothing and have a ton of sites that are unfinished. Should I just dive right in or should I just not even try?
Thx for the help in advance.


04-04-2007 18:50:51

If you've read up on everything and feel that you're ready then find a trader willing to answer your questions and go for it. The most important things to remember are to clear your cookies before doing any offers, don't sign up for any site twice, and don't do any offer more than once.

I'd be happy to help you through an easy site. PM me if you want help or have more questions.


04-04-2007 18:51:25


D I would say try it. you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! At worse, you do a couple of offers, get paid, then decide its not for you. althou I doubt it wink

and read the rules and instructions, it helps. also post any question D


04-04-2007 18:52:41

Don't dive in too quickly. Do some trading or let people pay you. Get your TR to at least 4 by working with experienced traders. I would recommend doing a little more than that actually. Learn and become familiar with how the sites work, and also the trade module. When you first out you will probably have a bunch of unfinished sites. But once you do some and get used to it, you can start buying refs and you will finish a site. If your nervous take it slow and do a site at a time. That way if you do get frustrated and want to give up then you wont' lose out too much. And if you do just a few offers for people paying you will will even make money. Not a huge amount, but enough to start out.

If you'd like I can help you through doing an offer or two. And I will be patient.

edit wow, I must type really slowly. There were two posts that made it in while I was typing.


05-04-2007 10:49:59

Hi There, and Welcome Aboard!

I can't imagine any one of us not having doubts when we first started...I had such a bad case of the jitters, but getting that first trade successfully done, felt sooooo good!

I think I'd be more concerned if you weren't nervous wink

You really need to arm yourself with as much info as possible, read, read and re-read the guidelines, rules, and browse the help and problem traders forum. Begin with helpful, honest traders that are willing to answer your questions, and don't continue till your question is answered to your satisfaction.

If you have any doubt about the trader or the trade its self, ask someone you can trust what they think. You are certainly welcome to ask me anything; I don't consider any question "dumb." No trade necessary wink There are several traders out there that are willing to help.

Good Luck, And Much Success D

Margot 8)

sandra habina

05-04-2007 17:40:48

Best advice dear is to re-read the rules and read this Help forum, there are alot of good questions and answers. Also read the stickys at the top of all these forums. Very good information. And then find a trusted trader and ask for help. Good luck You can do it!


11-04-2007 16:17:15

Welcome aboard. Nervousness is natural. That is our signal to use caution. Much of the above advice is very good. Follow the rules, start slow, and take it in only as fast as you want to. Many people here will only be too happy to help you. It helps them as well.

One way to help ease your nervousness is to work on your record keeping. Write down ALL the information of your trades Who they are with, what the agreement is, the link to the site (which you will find in the address bar when you click on it from the trade module), the offer's name, the offer's website, the offer's trial length, YOUR personal link (once you have signed up at a site), the price of the trial, the cost of the subscription after the trial period, and as much contact information at the site that you can find, and the prize you will be going for when you are in a position to start trading greens for greens or cash. The more detailed your information, the less likely you will be to make a mistake. Also, talk with your trader throughout the trade.

I hope this gives you something to think on. You already have a couple of trades under your belt. Build from there, and keep asking your questions!