Help getting started

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03-04-2007 20:19:45

I'm a newbee looking for some help to get started making money.


03-04-2007 20:23:50

What is it you would like to know? I can offer you help.


03-04-2007 20:41:09

Read, read, read and re-read the rules. Then just hang out in the forums, get a feel what everything is worth. Trade with people that have been here awhile. Ask questions, I'll answer them, as well as everybody else. We want you to know what you are doing so we all can get paid.

When you are ready, post a topic saying you want to do greens and then expect lots and lots of PMs waiting for you.


04-04-2007 04:48:53

Welcome !!

After you read and re-read everything and feel ready to start, what I recommend is this

Find an established trader to help you get started - someone with a TR of at least 50-75 with a "presence" on the forum (posts alot, answers questions, offers help). There are several people here who would be great for that.

Do 3-4 trades for $$. Then take those sites and trade green for green for another 8-12 sites. That should finish up at least one of the original sites, and will give you a high enough TR to begin offering to pay people to green for you. From there out, it is a combination of paying and trading site for site.

I know it can seem a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's a blast.


Feel free to PM me if you want help or are ready to trade.

sandra habina

04-04-2007 05:10:47

Best advice I can give you dear, is to read the rules again, and the Help Forum (this) and you will alot of great questions and answers to help clear things up for you. Also at the top of all pages are stickys! - they contain great information. Look for established traders, they can help you honestly. I would be glad to help, just ask.