Deleting Mail Question

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03-04-2007 17:25:02

Just curious, if I delete outbox messages from my own account before the people I am sending them to have read the PM, will that delete the PM from all record or only from my end? Also, if I do delete them from the outbox before they are read, will they appear in the inbox once they ARE read, even though they are gone from the outbox? Thanks!!


03-04-2007 17:28:49

To my knowledge, deleting mail from your outbox erases it completely, so the other person never gets it.

Mods, please correct me if I am wrong.



03-04-2007 17:32:17

Laurel is correct. You can also edit PMs in your Outbox.


03-04-2007 18:07:02

Cool, thanks yall. This place is great!