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03-04-2007 14:27:01

The site desktopcomputers4free. I need 12 referrals. I got to 10 referrals and after that everytime somone tries to complete an offer or when they choose there gift it tells them they need so many points. When I first started the site for someone else and completed an offer, it didn't indicAte anything about points. All I had to do was complete one offer and I got credit. So did my ten referrals. It seems like I'm down to two more referrals and the site's making it hard for them to complete. It's been forur other people who pmed me about how many points do they need. I was like what!!!! I don't understand that. I suppose to have met the referral requirements since April 1. Because of this sydden change they made, my remaining two referrals are saying it's impossible to complete that many points. They are saying it is like a 1,000 or so. Could you please help me. ( Has anyone else experience a similiar problem like this?


03-04-2007 14:42:08

Trainn sites are referral and points based. When each referral signs up they get an option between points or referral. I think theres a limited amount of times you can switch back and forth..not sure.

In order for you to get credit they need to complete 50 points.


03-04-2007 14:50:23

^ what he said.

Big War Bird

03-04-2007 21:03:46

If your referrals choose to go the points route when they sign up they are making it into a DIY site for themselves s othey might not realize that they are only need to get 50 points to go green for you. All they see is that they 600 points (or whatever) to qualify for a prize.

sandra habina

04-04-2007 04:36:22

Tell your referrals when they sign up to click on referral option instead of points, but either way they need only do a credit that is worth 50 points or two worth 25 each. The 1000 points would be what they need to receive the prize that they have selected, not what they need to go green for you. Hope this helps.