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03-04-2007 12:35:46

Hey, Im new in this forum, and Im looking for people to do offers for me, but a girl told me that If we get in a trade, since I don't have any experience they will not give us TR credit for it. Why is this? If it is a legal and complete trade why won't I get trade for it? Thanks a lot for your help![/colora6b5e653f5]


03-04-2007 12:39:14

It's part of the rules. You can get credit as long as you trades with users with +4 TR.

Read the rules for the forum. Especially the trading post rules. They are very helpful.


03-04-2007 12:45:59

As stueybaby already said, you will get credit anytime you do a trade as long as 1 person has at least 4 TR. However...

You should always use the trade module to document a trade, even if you won't get credit for the trade itself, and be sure to spell out all the specifics of a trade. This will help you not to get scammed.

That said, you can get credit for almost every trade, except
1. If both people have less than 4 TR at the beginning of the trade, or
2. If the trade is for a non-credit card site.

All other trades are eligible for TR credit.

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03-04-2007 12:50:51

also, it is a recommendation to not do a trade with someone if u have < 4 tr and they also have < 4 tr and no TR is given to prevent u from getting scammed.