HI, I'm new - please don't hurt me! :)

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03-04-2007 09:52:12

Just wanted to introduce myself..

I'm 35 with a 5 year-old, and my "real" job is doing payroll for a large medical corporation. Oddly enough the payroll department is the lowest paid!

So I'm here just trying to make a little extra cash and meet new people.

Have a great day!



03-04-2007 10:10:34

Hi Welcome to the forums. If you need any help getting started just let me know. I have a pretty good newbie help guide that most people think helps good. Get accustomed to the rules of posting, expecially the trading post rules. They are very important.

I have some easy sites available that I'm working on if you would like to start doing some offers. PM me if you need any help.

sandra habina

03-04-2007 11:59:12

Welcome Jenna, best advice I can give you dear is the read the rules again, pay attention to the Help Forum - alot of good questions and answers have already been posted here. And read the stickys at the top of each forum. Good luck dear.


03-04-2007 12:00:25

Welcome !! I know you'll have a good time here, and make some money in the process.

My advice to you when you're just getting started is read, read, read. Read the rules & guideline, the trade module tutorial, several pages of the Help topic. Then find a well established trader or two (someone with a TR of at least 50 or 75 who has a "presence" on the forum - posts alot, offers to help, etc). Start with a trade or two for $$ to get the hang of it, then take you first few sites and trade green for green for a while (8-12 trades at least) to get some TR. From there you should be great.

Feel free to post here and/or PM me if you need help. I have several sites you can do, but I'll be glad to help you whether we trade or not.



03-04-2007 16:44:50

Thanks guys!


04-04-2007 12:00:08



04-04-2007 13:56:07

welcome to the forum


11-04-2007 16:42:00

Welconme to the forum. Hope we can trade sometime if you're willing!


11-04-2007 19:26:48

liHurtsli. Kidding. Welcome to the forum! Enjoy your stay, Check out the trading forum to build up your TR. I Woulden't do any site for under 20$ Though, some people are stingy here for paying for their greens,