Trial offers

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03-04-2007 00:06:29

Say you do a trial offer and decide you don't want whatever product it was at that time.

Can you later do the same trial after a certain amount of time? I read on one site that you had to wait 120 days before doing another trial.

Is that normal or are they mostly one time offers?



03-04-2007 00:11:50

I think that most of the time, they are 1 time offers. However, some do reset after a length of time, be it 120 days or 6 months or whatever.

Just make sure to read the TOS for any site before you try to do the trial again, and you should be alright.

However, if you do a trial for any site, you cannot do that trial again for any site.


03-04-2007 09:10:42

I've crossed a few sites that reset anually.