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02-04-2007 21:26:11

So I want to get an HDTV so help me out. Should I do a site that offers HDTVs or do a site, get money, and then buy a TV from or where ever? What should I do? Give me suggestions and Tell me some good sites. Thanks.


02-04-2007 21:47:11

CHeck how many referrals it takes to get the HDTV vs how much $$ you get for the same number of referrals and pick the winner.


02-04-2007 22:19:25

yea, but I'm trying to save the time and effort by just asking and finding out from others b/c I don't know all of the sites and stuff.


02-04-2007 23:26:38


They have what seems like good rates for HDTVs. I haven't started working on this site, but the rates seem pretty reasonable. And even better, they are running a promotion http//


03-04-2007 01:38:03

Well, I think that it is cheaper for you to get a HDTV from a site, if you do the math, it will cost you approx. $500 if you pay 15 people to do referrals for you, it will take longer be worth the work. Think about it. Good luck! D[/color85fb1adefd]

sandra habina

03-04-2007 11:55:56

Many sites like Hotgifts have custom order, so you can go for the HDTV .
If it is thru Good luck. Check it out.


03-04-2007 12:41:49

IMHO u could custom order on a site like yourgiftsfree which is paying $50 per ref. but do not customorder the hdtv, i would custorder cash for an hdtv and then look for a hot deal and buy it. check and for deals


03-04-2007 13:04:02

thanks everyone.


03-04-2007 13:39:39

HDTVmonster is good too )

and for the diamonddeals, they seem to have a lot of problems with crediting. I have like 8 refs and 2 4 days lol