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01-04-2007 21:36:25

u should be able to sort threads/posts/replys etc. by date, time, whatever. maybe i'm missing it on here but I don't like to scroll down the page all the way to see the last post/reply. at the top of the page is the oldest. it just doesnt feel right to me. why would u want to look at an old post or reply? i hated a lot of things about that "freelunchroom" or whatever its called forum but at least u could sort it how u liked it. just a thought. MarkM. D


02-04-2007 13:53:36

Perhaps you are right and it is a setting, because when I log on, the newest posts are at the top of the screen progressively getting older as you go down the page. However, there are sometimes "stickies" that are important info that will always remain at the top of each forum and perhaps those dates are older?


02-04-2007 13:57:53

I think he means inside threads how the original post is at the top, with the newest at the bottom. Which seems pretty right to me.


02-04-2007 13:59:23

uhh...It's like that everywhere I thought?

sandra habina

02-04-2007 14:25:30

I wish there was a way to click on a user name and see what trades we have done together, with out scrolling all the way down thru the trades module. (maybe there is and I missed it). Just a thought about sorting.