Up to my eyeballs..

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01-04-2007 19:36:00

I'm sorry you are going through all of this with paypal. I have had a verified account for over 2 years, and not one issue at all.

First of all, print the e-mail you got regarding your roomies account...including full headers and body of mess.

Call paypal again and ask to speak to a supervisor, if they want you to explain why or say maybe I could help you, simply state "I appreciate your trying to help, but I already spoke to a supervisor that is handling this issue for me, and I apologize I can not remember his/her name, could you please transfer me, or give me a number to call," nothing more; do not get caught up in having to explain for the umpteenth time, to a csr. Once you get ahold of a supervisor, make note of his/her name, ext. and Id#. Try to calmly explain what has been going on; in as much of a polite and professional manner as you can muster. I know it's hard, but people respond to you much better and are much more willing to go the extra mile for you.

Be sure to mention your roomies account info being e-mailed to you, and get a fax # to send it to, and mark it "Attention (supervisors name)." I don't recommend e-mail for this, unless it is your only option. It is possible there may be a conflict in the accounts, and the supervisor will get that straightened out.

As to the limit issue...mind you this is only my opinion, but what is going on is not illegal; however, to the audit dept. it does look suspicious on a newly activated account, or new verification, and you are just chasing your tail talking to cs reps. I would think that a supervisor would also be able to fix this, but may want to look into it...this is one reason to get the name etc...of the supervisor, so that you will be talking to the "same" person each time, who is familiar with you and the situation.

A compliment on paypal and your past experience with them, goes a long way too.

I hope this helps you out. Once you get this taken care of, you'll love the convenience and speed of paypal.

Any other people out there who want to add or correct me on any of this, please do...... wink

Good Luck, And Don't Give Up!

Margot 8)


01-04-2007 19:43:38

Thanks Margot ) A couple years ago when I lived in PA I had a paypal account, was verified, used it a lot for Ebay, loved it. That's why I'm so surprised at how everyone there is handling this, because I am familiar with paypal and know that they aren't usually this inconvenient! I know they just want to protect their butts (which is great), but oooh so frustrating! Thanks for your input, I'm sure this will all be resolved (after I write them a novel of details for my transactions) roll and everything will be fine. Thanks again ) Have a good one!

sandra habina

01-04-2007 20:32:44

Wonderful information Margot, thankyou for being so thorough. I have had great experiences with paypal myself. Hope everything is cleared up fast for you ldybug.