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01-04-2007 17:20:44

ok! i've read rules & regs. checked out some of the posts. went thru newbie help. HOW do i know if i am going to a previous site so that i don't try to sign up again? is there a way to log or keep track that i need to know? obviously there are a lot of sites since i have seen tr's in the 300's & proably more. ?????


01-04-2007 17:27:55

Your trades are recorded, plus we have a notes section for you to keep track of info. You may also want to start a spreadsheet to keep track on your PC.

Keep in mind, you can usually do multiple sites on a network, but not the same [i144da52b96]specific[/i144da52b96] site, and you can't do the same required offer for more than one site/network.

As for high TR records, some people have done trades on sites that no longer exist as well. Then there are a few sites that can be repeated, and sometimes people have gotten their friends to do an site for a trade since they, themselves, have already done it.


01-04-2007 17:32:02

most sites will have different titles. Ex the 123stuffforfree sites will be ipods.123stuffforfree, money.123stuffforfree, radio.123stuffforfree, and so on. Keep a list of the sites that you have done and if you set up a trade with someone confirm the name of site that you are going to do for them before you set up a trade. I always keep my list of sites that I have in favorites or in my profile. It also helps people who look at your profile to know if you already have a site they need.


01-04-2007 18:02:36

i use a word document to keep track of things INCLUDING the offer done. PM me if u want the outline )