Question from a newbie

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01-04-2007 16:05:44

How much money can one really make in one day or a week? Is it realistc? Also thank you everypne for all the help provided D ..



01-04-2007 16:11:42

this should not be in the trading post. look for the area called help, and post it there.
as for your question. patience is a virtue. you can do a lot of offers in a day but sometimes credit does not go thru. do not expect every trade to be instant and all credits to be instant. stay organized.
that is my advice. now let us see if we can get this thread moved )


01-04-2007 18:01:30

If you're a noob and know what you're doing and which offers to do then you can make at least 500 or even 1000 and still spend about only $100 on offers. But that's considering if you're going to be actively looking for referral and everyone greens on time and aren't scamming.


01-04-2007 18:27:01

I would never say that anyone could get rich quick. Trading can be a long process, but can help give you some extra cash every month. I personally am doing this so that I can pay off debt while also working a full time job.