Is there a place or way to practice setting up a trade?

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01-04-2007 06:12:30

I want to try setting up a trade but don't want to "initiate trade" and then not be able to do the rest such as set up the link. Am I being too overly cautious? Thanks for any input. Mike

sandra habina

01-04-2007 06:37:00

Mike, it is a good question. I have been asked the same question many times. I believe you can delete the trade as long as it is not confirmed and both traders agree. But I will wait for other answers.


01-04-2007 06:49:49

I would say just find your first trade, and make it clear to the other person that it's your first trade, and ask them to be patient with you. As with many things in life, for your first time you want to find someone who is patient and understanding lol

Seriously though, the trade module is fairly intuitive, but don't be afraid to ask question in the Help forum.


01-04-2007 11:40:24

Hi Mike,

We talked about this, so I sent you a mess last night.

I got too tired to stay up. roll

Let me know if you want to do it. Hope your day is going great! D

Margot 8)


01-04-2007 15:54:17

Don't worry, its not too hard to set up.