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01-04-2007 01:10:12

hello some tips
make sure you've gone through the tutorials. Also the trade agreement. Take your time and learn what you can now.
Before logging into a site, ALWAYS clear your cookies. This is the MAIN contributor to missing credits.

heres what Im working on

need 2 greens here will pay $20 on approval

need 5 greens here will pay $20 on approval

need 3 greens here will pay $15 on approval

pm me if interested Very Happy D


01-04-2007 05:53:56

Hey I will pay you via paypal for going green on the following site. Help build your TR so people will be more likely to trade. I pay on green and have a high TR. Thanks

$18 for Tech.Hotgifts4you.com (new site very easy)


01-04-2007 05:57:27

There's a reason we have a Trading Post forum.