My PM's take a long time to go out!!

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31-03-2007 15:08:02

I am curious why my PM's take a long time to send to people. Often times the message just sits there in the outbox without being sent for a while, sometimes even not until the next day. As not everyone has aim or yahoo im, is there something I'm doing wrong here? Thanks!


31-03-2007 16:14:31

Thats because it stays in the outbox until the person that youre sending it to reads it. THis is how you can tell if the person has read it or not. It goes to the person right away, but it will stay in your outbox until it is read.

Once you see it in the sentbox, the person that you sent it to read it.

Hope that helps )

oh and if youre looking to d a site, let me know..hehe


31-03-2007 17:44:21

Thanks for the info. What site do you have for me?

sandra habina

31-03-2007 21:40:55

Yes, all PM's stay in the outbox until the receiver reads them. Don't worry if you are getting the error message also, I get that alot when I send a PM, but still get through.