Im a newbie and i need help to make money.

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read the rules and ask questions....basically


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Yes, yes, yes. Read everything, rules, guidelines, trade module tutorial, help posts, etc.

When you are ready to start, work with an established trader with a "presence" here (posts alot, etc.). I'd be glad to work with you if you want. Feel free to PM me.



31-03-2007 19:59:59

Couldn't agree with laurel more. Read, and find guidance from established members of the forum.

Some things I learned.

DELETE YOUR COOKIES! It is not just a good idea. Not doing so will cause you problems in getting credit for offers. Also, delete them frequently, I do it after each trade to stay safe. I had a bad day not too long ago because of this.

Keep track of the offers you complete. I have been sending the links to these offers to my desktop. You don't want to get hit with a $99.95 charge to your account at the end of the trial period, unless of course you want the product or service after the free trial is over.

Create relationships with traders who treat you well. I have a kid (@ 18 years old!) who helped me with my first offer and paid me quickly. We will continue to do business. (Thanks chrome89K). I can also recommend carlennj, secondjob, and jennywhitley. There are others, but I have had a positive experience with these traders.

Some of the FREE offers actually include $1 or more processing/S&H fees. Be sure to read the terms and conditions on each offer. Also, make sure you don't pay out more in processing/S&traders than you are getting for the offer. Seems logical, but you could stumble on it if your not carefully reading terms.

Look for offers that pay on GREEN, not on approval, unless you trust the trader you are working with and you know how many approvals you have left. I'm waiting on a PAID ON APPROVAL trade, and who knows when that will happen.
(actually, the guy has a good trading record and I do not anticipate a problem).
Once you have made some $$, paid on approval is OK, and actually preferred by many veteran traders to protect themselves against trafers going RED. Once again, building relationships is key. Find the veterans and work with them.

READ THE RULES! They are there to help you. If you are confused by any of them, post a message in the Help forum. Someone who knows the answer to your question will respond.

The real money is in cashing out sites. Build up you trade record and KARMA at first, then use your good standing to help you get referrals. Use the money you used going green to pay for them, and you will maintain a positive cash flow.

And most importantly, do NOT drink chloral hydrate from the bottle when you have a pus-filled boil on your butt. Things will go very badly for you.

sandra habina

31-03-2007 20:21:36

I would be happy to help you. Best advice is to read the rules and the help posts and the stickies over again.