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30-03-2007 21:26:31

I know that I can only do an offer once, but I was wondering if I can do a specific site more than once. For instance, if I click one guy's referral to and do an offer there, can I then click a different guy's link to the same site and do a different offer?




30-03-2007 22:07:29

Yup just make sure is not for the same prize site and make sure you put existing member.


30-03-2007 22:23:03

Edit GMARIO fixed his post...


30-03-2007 22:24:17

same prize meaning such as you can't sign up to the same site twice, but you can sign up to and put existing members wink


31-03-2007 00:01:27


If you complete an offer and therefore start to look for referrals to get your prize can you not do it again on the same site once the referrals are complete? For example, if I complete 3 referrals for $100, can I then fulfill another credit and start over and start getting new referrals on the same site? Or do I have to move on to another site for new prizes?


31-03-2007 07:30:12

Some sites allow this and some don't. Check the TOS to be sure.



31-03-2007 07:33:32

I know SOME (not all) Offercentric sites allow this. Browse the OC forum here for more info.


02-04-2007 05:32:01

you can also redo all the customorderthis sites