bidding allowed?

Live forum:


30-03-2007 17:11:51

I was just wondering, if I am allowed to post on the trade post forum board a bidding site.

Because I have heard of a lot people needed green for giftmonkey and I haven't gone green for it yet, so I was just wondering if I'm allowed to make a thread to bid for green.



30-03-2007 18:25:37

I've seen people say highest paid for green. Usually have an end time. But I'm paying $15 a point if your interested...


30-03-2007 19:17:50

yeah I just asked an admin too, bidding is allowed.Well givemea1032 , your the highest bidder for now, I had 2 bidder who offered $10-11.

The highest bidder wins, well i was thinking of maybe if no post of new higher bids within 1-3 days , the highest bidder gets the green.

Making the thread now, go check in the trading post section for my thread and make the bid there ^_^.


30-03-2007 19:52:43

I recommend you take him up on that one...never seen it that high before myself! shock

If I had more offers I could do, I'd take him up on it!!! lol

Margot 8)