HELP! Newbie on a Mac with Offer Completion Problems!

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30-03-2007 14:50:03

HELP! Is anyone here on a Mac and using Firefox or Safari to complete offers? I have tried IE v. 5.2 for Mac, Safari 1.3.2 and Firefox I have cleared cookies on all sites before trying to complete offers and have not received a single credit from any of the sites in question. I am not opening any new windows (to see TOS, etc.) during the process either. Does anyone use these programs on a Mac that might be able to help me? Thanks!!!

Justin D


30-03-2007 18:27:29

Are your security settings the lowest, to allow cookies and everything?


30-03-2007 23:44:02

Yes they are, pop ups and everything are allowed.


31-03-2007 00:02:07

my roommate last yr used safari and never had any problems with getting credit.


31-03-2007 11:06:59

Hmm, interesting, I'll keep at it!


31-03-2007 12:20:47

If I were you I would just use firefox, seems to credit the best.

unknown uchiha

31-03-2007 13:44:55

I'm using Firefox on my Macbook, no problems.


31-03-2007 14:28:09

Thanks for the info. Great community here!